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Once a Month Cooking

October 21, 2009
 I’ve talked to you about once a year shopping before on my other blog, but what about once a month cooking? It’s something that I have wanted to do for a while. The idea is fairly simple.
(Hamburger for chili) does an excellent job of preparing the way for you to have a very easy cooking day.
 (Paprika Parmesan Pork Chops … say that five times fast! LOL)
The method that is used here is that you have a partner to work with (and presumably all the tools between the two of you), gather the materials either throughout the month or an all in one trip, then on cooking day you split the process between person A and person B.


(Egg and ham muffins .. so much better than mcdonalds!)

The directions are spelled out along with the ingredients list and the recipes to use. She even has predesigned lables with the directions for the frozen dishes. All you have to do is print them out onto sticky lables and stick them to the dish before throwing it in the freezer.


(Baked Zitti)

I finally got around to doing a once a month cooking day. It took me three days to actually accomplish it and I still didnt get all the recipes made, but I also was doing this by myself. The good news is that I have a ton of food in my freezer ready to be used for dinners.


(This picture always makes me cringe … it makes me want to go make sure my freezer is shut!)

That’s corndog muffins in the bag in the front and a whole lot of bacon in the door because the hubs decided to buy a 10 lb box … you read that correctly … 10 lbs!!!! I have to give him credit tho … it was only $14 for the box and its really good bacon.


Now all I need is a bigger freezer and I’d be set! (I did much more than what is actually shown and ALL the recipes that I made were REALLY GOOD!)

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