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Learning to Sew

October 23, 2009

I’m not the greatest seamstress in the world. I’m barely a beginner, but Im willing to try. It’s not about ability. It’s about courage to try something new. I have a sewing machine. I bought a nice one because I thought it would help me. And it has. It’s been a blessing to have a machine that doesnt have tension issues as my last one did. It also has some really pretty stitches.

None of those things matter if Im not actually using the machine. I was given a few really nice vintage patterns a while ago, but I have not done a thing with them! Why? Because I was not confident in my self and my abilities. It was also the wrong size.

So do I get rid of them? Sell them maybe? No! Im going to use them anyway. I can make a lot more money off a completed dress than I can off a pattern that’s already been cut. Granted vintage patterns can be quite pricey, I can still make more off a finished product.

I bought a random lot of fabric that a very nice woman was getting rid of from her stash for a nice price. And with it was a super pretty flower print that I figured would make a nice dress. It’s a polyester fabric but hey, Im throwing caution to the wind here!



There’s only one view with this pattern .. the difference is that the green dress has the jacket on and the brown dress has it draped on her arm. Also it has a detachable collar and neck trim (shown in white on the green dress). It’s a beautiful dress and I wish that I could have found some nice polka dot material but you work with what you have right?

As of now I have the pattern cut from the fabric and am going to start the rest of the process tomorrow. I cant tell you how confused I was with some of the simple steps, so what am I going to do with the rest of it? I guess you’ll have to wait and find out! I did get the very basic thing figured out tho. In the instructions for laying out and cutting the fabric it says to pin the pattern to the wrong side for double thickness and on the right side for single thickness. I was a bit confused even tho it seems like this is very basic instructions. The problem I was having was that the images that show where to pin the material were conflicting (or at least it seemed like it to me).  There were a few pictures that showed Crosswise fold and Lengthwise fold.  Those pictures that had Crosswise folds also had a portion with single thickness, and if you aren’t paying good attention, you could mistake that part for being double.

I decided at this point to go on a wild goose chase for better instructions. It took me until about 1am, but I found it! SEW-lutions has a set of guidelines for Basic sewers. It was a MIRACLE!! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been searching for instructions on how to sew for YEARS!!! I could never get an older woman who knew how to sew to commit to teaching me. And then there’s those who are great with quilting and crafting, but arent comfortable sewing garments. It’s been hard. I want to sew. I want to be able to sew my own clothes. I know for a fact that there are others out there my age that can and can do so with great skill. But coming from a family that didnt value those things, I was never educated in the art of sewing.

On to my experiment with sewing. I hope to blog the process as it gets done, but dont expect a whole lot. I promise there will be a lot of frustration involved. I hope you dont mind.

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